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Two of the most important, yet basic preventive measures provided at Northwest Kids Dental are regular dental cleanings and exams.

During your child’s teeth cleaning and exam appointment, our dental team will;

  • Take digital X-rays of your child’s teeth for evaluation
  • Clean your child’s teeth by removing any plaque of calculus, which can lead to tooth decay and periodontal disease
  • Floss and polish the teeth for a smooth finish & bright smile
  • Complete an oral evaluation for any signs of tooth decay or other related dental problems
  • Teach your child, in a fun engaging way, healthy oral habits such as brushing, flossing and discuss healthy snacking habits
  • Provide fluoride treatment and/or sealants if needed

Regular teeth cleaning and exams are essential in maintaining good oral hygiene, prevention of tooth decay & gum disease, and they give the dentist a chance to identify the problem areas that may require special attention.

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